Qingyang Li*, Maozhong An*, Dongyang Li*, In situ growth of ZnO nanowire film on nanocrystalline zinc electrodeposit via a low-temperature hydrothermal reaction, Results in Physics, 2019, 12: 1446-1449.
发布日期: 2019-07-13 发布者: 郑洋 阅读: 41


This article reports a novel method for producing ZnO nanowire film, achieved through in situ growth on nanocrystalline zinc electrodeposit using a low-temperature hydrothermal process at 90?°C without utilization of catalyst or template. The ZnO nanowire film has an approximate wire diameter of 50?nm, showing strong response to UV illumination, leading to large UV emission and high optoelectronic activity. This alternative process for synthesis of ZnO nanowire film is simple, efficient, and easy to be extended to massive production.