Peng Zhang, XiaojianWang, Zhidan Lin, Huaijun Lin, Zhiguo Zhang, Wei Li, Xianfeng Yang * and Jie Cui *. Ti-Based Biomedical Material Modified with TiOx/TiNx Duplex Bioactivity Film via Micro-Arc Oxidation and Nitrogen Ion Implantation. Nanomaterials,
发布日期: 2017-03-01 发布者: 郑洋 阅读: 15
Titanium (Ti) and Ti-based alloy are widely used in the biomedical field owing to their excellent mechanical compatibility and biocompatibility. However, the bioinert bioactivity and biotribological properties of titanium limit its clinical application in implants. In order to improve the biocompatibility of titanium, we modified its surface with TiOx/TiNx duplex composite films using a new method via micro-arc oxidation (MAO) and nitrogen ion implantation (NII) treatment. The structural characterization results revealed that the modified film was constructed by nanoarrays composed of TiOx/TiNx composite nanostitches with a size of 20~40 nm. Meanwhile, comparing this with pure Ti, the friction property, wear resistance, and bioactivity were significantly improved based on biotribological results and in vitro bioactivity tests.