Influence of Ni content on impact-abrasion wear resistance of medium-carbon low alloy cast steel
发布日期: 2020-01-20 发布者: 郑洋 阅读: 53


Medium-carbon low alloy wear-resistant cast steel with different Ni contents (0.08 mass%, 0.77 mass%, 1.74 mass%, 2.43 mass%) were heat treated at 1050 degrees C, followed by water quenching and tempering at 250 degrees C. The influence of Ni content on the microstructure, hardness, impact toughness and abrasive resistance of the cast steel were investigated. The results showed that the Ni contents increasing hindered the transformation of martensite phase by reducing martensite transformation start temperature (M-s) and martensite transformation finish temperature (M-f). The fine martensite phase after quenching improved the hardness, impact toughness and wear-resistance of the cast steel. The cast steel with low Ni content (0.08% or 0.77%) consists of lath tempered martensite, while the microstructure turns to mixed lath martensite and lamellar twin martensite with higher Ni content. The cast steel with 1.74% Ni showed a hardness of HRC49.5, an impact absorbing energy with V-notch impact absorbing energy of 16.7 J, and the best wear resistance among the samples.