Microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behaviors of biomedical Ti-Zr-Mo-xMn alloys for dental application
发布日期: 2020-01-20 发布者: 郑洋 阅读: 118


In order to reduce stress shielding effect of permanent implants, biomedical Ti-Zr-Mo-xMn (TZMM) alloys were developed and their microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behaviors were investigated in the present work. The results demonstrated that the Young's modulus of the TZMM alloys was significantly reduced, matching the requirement of bone implant, whilst TZMM alloys revealed enhanced corrosion resistance in modified Fusayama saliva. The superior corrosion resistance of the TZMM alloys can be ascribed to the reduced anodic alpha '' phase resulting from the addition of manganese and the bi-layered passivation films comprising a ZrO2 barrier layer and a porous ZrO2-TiZro(4) top layer.