Z. Lin, Z. Zhang, K. Mai,Preparation and properties of eggshell/β‐polypropylene bio‐composites. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125 (2012) 61-66.
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Abstract:In this article, a novel eggshell/β-PP bio-composite was prepared and evaluated. First the waste chicken eggshell (ES) was modified by a stingy amount of pimelic acid (PA) through solution method, and then compounded with PP through melt blending method. The crystalline form, mechanical properties, and morphology of the ES/β-PP composites were studied. The results showed that ES modified by PA was a β nucleating agent with high efficiency and selectivity, resulting in the maximum Kβ value of 0.99 in PP composites. PA modification promoted the dispersion and interfacial bonding of ES in PP. Although the addition of PA-modified ES slightly decreased tensile properties and flexural properties of PP, it increased the impact strength of PP by 228% than that of pure PP. Taking all factors into consideration, the optimal mass ratio of PP/ES/PA composites for reaching optimum mechanical properties should be 100/5/0.000471. Thus, the application of modified ES to prepare ES/β-PP bio-composites represents a promising way to mitigate environmental pollution and to reduce the cost of polyolefin products.;