Z. Lin, Z. Guan, B. Xu, C. Chen, G. Guo, J. Zhou, J. Xian, L. Cao, Y. Wang, M. Li, Crystallization and melting behavior of polypropylene in β-PP/polyamide 6 blends containing PP-g-MA. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 19 (2013) 692-697
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Abstract:In this research, we used a twin-screw extruder to melt and blend PP-g-MA compatibilizer with β-polypropylene (PP)/polyamide 6 (PA6). The influences of the PA6 and PP-g-MA contents in PP/PA6 blends on crystallization and melting behavior of PP phase and morphology were investigated. The results showed that, when PP-g-MA copolymer was added to the β form of nucleated PP/PA6 blends, the anhydride groups in PP-g-MA and PA6 terminal amine groups react to form PP-g-PA graft copolymer in a two-phase interface. This reduces the interfacial tension, improves the interfacial adhesion, and reduces the size of PA6 domains in the blend. The generated PP-g-PA graft copolymer wrapped PA6 phase and buried the anhydride groups of PP-g-MA. When the proportion of PP-g-MA and PA6 was between 0.5 and 0.75, there was no longer interfering to the formation of β-crystals in the PP phase. The content of β-crystal of PP phase in blends was found to reach as large as 85.9%.;