Zhang, Zhiguo; Sheng, Yinying; Xu, Xiwei; Li, Wei, Microstructural Features and Mechanical Properties of In Situ Formed ZrB2/Cu Composites, Advanced Engineering Materials, 17(9), pp 1338-1343
发布日期:2015/3/11 0:00:00 阅读:196 次

Abstract:In situ reinforced copper matrix composites with improved mechanical properties are promising materials for various applications. In this work, an attempt has been made to explore the microstructural features and properties of in situ formed ZrB 2 /Cu composites using a liquid metallurgy route. XRD, SEM, XPS, and TEM analysis were used for micro-structural characterization. The results showed that ZrB 2 particles could form through the reaction of Zr and B in molten Cu. The obtained composites consisted of hexagonal shaped ZrB 2 and Cu(Zr) solid solution matrix. The in situ ZrB 2 /Cu composites exhibited improved microhardness. However, the electrical conductivity decreased with increasing weight fractions of ZrB 2 .